We represent the business holding, a team of professionals with experience of trading fish products on global market. Our holding in one the leaders in processing and delivering of high-quality oceanic fish products from the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

Strategic priorities of our holding are the efficiency, strict control of the product quality and dedication to each customer needs. Our holding has been exporting fresh frozen fish and seafood to every part of the world.

Our goal is to work with every customer on a long term basis, by ensuring that the service provided, shipments and, most importantly, the quality of products are at the highest level.

Due to the right processing of fish and direct orders for fishing, the quality of products fully meets all the standards of countries in which our company has been exporting fish and seafood. It is very important for us that the safety control system and the quality of fish products are based not only on the assessment of the final product, but on every stage of production: catching, transportation to the plant, processing, freezing, transportation to final customers. Processing and freezing of fish products are carried out with the modern, high-tech machineries.

Our main product lines are:

  • Sardines (Sardina pilchardus),
  • Sardinella (Sardinella aurita),
  • mackerel (Mackerel scombercolias and mackerel Japonicus),

Fish products are available in a wide range: WR (not split), HG (decapitated, gutted), HGT (decapitated, without a tail, gutted).